Monday, April 2, 2007

Garlic vodka is a surprising success

This weekend, we tested the garlic vodka experiment after five days of infusion. We were a little worried about how this would turn out; though the Mad Scienticians are both fans of garlic, we had concerns that the bite of the garlic would team up with the vodka's kick, and use their synergetic powers for evil. As it turns out, we had nothing to worry about.

Since this infusion was carried out at room temperature, we decided to shake the sample with ice before tasting.

Wayland, who was dreading the worst-case scenario at this point, steels himself for the inevitable.

"It's very smooth, with almost no vodka burn," Wayland says after downing the shot. "It's actually a little sweet, too. I wish I knew what the frell to put it in."

I sampled it next.

The vodka definitely tastes like garlic, especially at the front end. The back tastes more like vodka, but it doesn't kick you like vodka normally does. It's quite good, much better than I expected.

We used the garlic vodka to create a couple of drinks. Look out, folks, the first one is a shooter!

Vampire Chupacabra

½ oz. Mad Scientician™ garlic vodka
½ oz. Mad Scientician™ jalapeño vodka
Dash of Tabasco sauce

Shake the two vodkas with ice, and pour into a shot glass. Then add a few drops of Tabasco over the top and drink.

Wayland doesn't care much for the name I gave this drink. I think it's an awesome name. It's the Dr. McNinja of drinks. He did comment on the health-conscious nature of the drink, though, combining spicy with garlic: "It clears your sinuses and lowers cholesterol!"

But what does it taste like, you ask? The spiciness doesn't hit you at first; it tastes like garlic and bell pepper, then a slow burn sets in. Very tasty.

"And now my lips tingle," said Wayland. "You don't taste any alcohol in that. That's a scary shot."

We envisioned these becoming a party contest, to see who could down the most Vampire Chupacabras in a row. Whoever would win, I'm pretty sure our asses would lose.

Brendan's score: 4 flasks out of 5
Wayland's score: 3.5 flasks out of 5
Overall score:

Garlic Bloody Mary

1 oz. Mad Scientician™ garlic vodka
3 oz. tomato juice

Again, like the jalapeño Caesar, Wayland bowed out of this one due to his unwavering distaste for all things tomato. Personally, I think this drink is delicious; the garlic is the perfect complement to the tomato juice.

Brendan's score: 4 flasks out of 5
Wayland abstains
Overall score:


Anonymous said...

out of all the mythical, blood sucking creatures out there, the Chupacabra is almost certainly the sneakiest

Anonymous said...

the interweb is amazing. i google "can i put garlic in vodka or is it stupid?" and i get an answer!

Agent45 said...

I was fortunate enough to enjoy both a jalapeno-garlic and a habanero-garlic infusion at a bar in Austin TX. Wonderful stuff. Enough, in fact, that I just got my first infuser jar.