Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Split opinion on rosemary vodka

The Mad Scienticians subjected the rosemary vodka to two tests, one a preliminary tasting to check its status, and the second an official sampling after bottling. The first test was conducted last Friday, two days into the infusion.

At the time of this initial test, the vodka had not quite achieved much rosemary flavor. I found the vodka to be the primary taste, but even that wasn't very strong; the flavor of rosemary was subtle, but with much potential. Wayland described it as "odd but mild," also noting that the vodka taste was not overwhelming. I decided it shouldn't need more than another day.

We did not have time for another round of tests the next day, but we did take a moment to bottle it, to prevent over-infusion.

We finally were able to give it a final test last night. As you can see above, the vodka attained a pale green appearance from the infusion.

I found this vodka to be smooth, with no vodka burn at all. The rosemary flavor was much more pronounced than in the first test, but it was still subtle. I like it, though it needs another flavor to compliment it.

Wayland did not agree.

Though I have reacted to several of our experiments in this way (including the spearmint vodka, which Wayland rather liked), this is quite rare for Wayland. In fact, I cannot remember an infusion which I liked and Wayland disliked, especially to this degree. His only verbal reaction to this one: "I do not like it, Sam I Am."

Ah, well. I doubt if I will convince Wayland to try this in a cocktail, but I'll try to whip something up for myself and rate it. I'll also try using it as a marinade.

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