Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sometimes you feel like a nut

This week, we've decided to create almond-infused vodka. We picked up a bag of whole almonds, and Wayland dropped a few generous handfuls into the Science Jar.

We're expecting this to be a long infusion, and difficult to get a great deal of flavor from the almonds. To help this along, we put quite a few almonds in here, filling about a quarter of the jar.

The vodka immediately turned a pale shade of tan, no doubt due to the almond "dust" that inevitably went in. We'll probably have to go back to straining this with a coffee filter when it's done. We'll check back on this in a week.


yDNA said...

Very interesting. If those are the average roasted and shelled almonds, I'm guessing a lot of the flavor will come from the thin brown skin. Personally, I think the skin can impart a slightly bitter flavor, but may add a nutty-smokey quality.

I'm looking forward to future reports. I hate to think what all this science is doing to your livers (and mine as well!), but like Marie Currie before us, it's all in the name of truth.

Jenny K. said...

One suggestion for next time...perhaps crushing the almonds, or buying crushed almonds might help quicken the infusion. More surface area for one and then it's not just the skin that you get the flavor from but the whole nut.

Ben C said...

I tried this one with rum - I crushed some of the almonds and grated a few even. ...I won't be doing it this way again. Turned out kind of stale tasting after only a few days...

Love the site! I'll be back for more info!

Currently being made: Concord Grape, Pineapple, Strawberry, Cucumber, Pear, Vanilla. And a Cinnamon one turned out quite nicely for the season!