Thursday, August 2, 2007

A taste worth coming back to life for?

Egads! After our brief stint in the afterlife, the Mad Scienticians have resurrected! After collecting our pulverized remains, we funneled them into the Tevatron particle accelerator and carefully collided the whole mess together, reconstructing our bodies. Reuniting our spirits with our bodies was a much simpler matter; as anyone who's seen enough Frankenstein movies knows, all this really takes is a well-placed Tesla coil.

Since we live once again, it's time to start a new vodka infusion experiment! This week, we began a kiwifruit infusion, using the meat of two kiwifruit.

I cut the two fruits into thin slices, then peeled off the fuzzy skin. The skin is edible, but we suspect it would negatively affect the infusion.

Once the kiwifruit were sliced, I placed them in a science jar under Wayland's close supervision, and added a fifth of our filtered vodka.

Though kiwifruit was made famous by New Zealand growers, it is originally a Chinese fruit. New Zealanders brought the plant home about a hundred years ago, calling them Chinese gooseberries. When they began exporting the fruits worldwide in the 1950s, the name was changed to "kiwifruit," after New Zealand's national bird.

We don't know how long to expect this infusion to take, but we will test it periodically until it is complete, as always.