Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Last night, we discovered a problem that may lead to the failure of at least one of our experiments. The jars we are using are not as airtight as we originally believed. We found this out when Wayland shook the caramel vodka (most infusions should not be shaken, but we have been told that the caramel dissolves more evenly if it is shaken). He found that the lid leaked vodka when shaken vigorously.

This could explain the smell of the apple infusion. Without a good air seal, the apples may be decomposing. We are hoping that this will not affect our other ongoing experiments; however, the apple infusion may have to be restarted. We will update again when a decision is reached.

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Sarah said...

As long as the apples are totally covered, you should be okay: the vodka is itself unfriendly to mold and such.