Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's time for a game of "Name That Vodka!"

All of our ongoing experiments are complete! However, rather than post the results, we've decided to keep our readers in suspense for a while and play a little game. In the following photo, you will see four unlabeled vodka infusions. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to identify which is which.

One of these is coffee vodka, one is apple, one is caramel, and one is cinnamon. In the comments, tell us which you think is which. One of these is a gimme if you've been paying attention.

We will post the results of the experiments soon, along with a few other goodies we've got up our sleeves. Good luck!


yDNA said...

A - caramel
B - cinnamon
C - coffee
D - apple

Morgana said...

a) caramel
b) cinnamon
c) apple
d) coffee

*crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

I agree with ydna...

Anonymous said...

Too easy. Seriously, caramel and cinnamon don't leave the slightest doubt, and one would expect apple to be yellow even if we hadn't already seen an early shot.
The only infusion we haven't actually seen before is coffee, and - surprise - it's bown.

Anonymous said...

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