Friday, December 29, 2006

Caramel vodka complete

We intended to test the caramel vodka a couple of days ago, but have been fairly busy; fortunately, it cannot over-infuse, since the point is to completely dissolve the caramel cubes in the vodka. We sampled it tonight, and we're both quite satisfied with the results. Here's how the experiment looked after giving it one good shake:

Brendan bottles the creation. In honor of our first success, we picked up a couple of lab coats today, so we can truly present ourselves as mad scienticians.

We noticed a few clumps as it was pouring, so we shook it a little more once it was bottled. We expect some of the caramel to settle, so we may need to shake it each time it's used.

Here is the bottled infusion:

It was Wayland's turn to try it first. He enthusiastically praised it as "pretty good."

Brendan took the second sample. He noted that it was much like drinking a candy bar before the vodka kicked in.

All in all, the infusion took on a very noticeable, but not overwhelming caramel taste. We wouldn't recommend shooting this vodka if you don't normally like shooting vodka, but it will be great for cocktails. We are hoping for the same success with the apple vodka; we expect them to go rather well together.

We also created a preliminary label design today. Our color printer, however, which has sat untouched for a year, refused to cooperate with us. Once that issue is resolved, we will present our labeled product.


Sarah said...

I made a jar of honey vodka that's tasty along similar lines. It took a few days of shaking it twice a day for all the crystallized bits to dissolve, but since then, it has stayed pretty well mixed.

Brendan said...

That's not a bad idea, dancingwolf. What kind of drinks did you use it in? We used to keep Barenjager around the lab until we realized we never used it. Of course, Wayland's off-the-cuff mixology has greatly improved since then, after tending bar for a restaurant for a while.

We'll add that to the list of future possibilities.

Jasra/Lisa said...

Sounds tasty to me!