Sunday, December 24, 2006

Caramel vodka, and an update on the first two experiments.

Last night, Wayland and I hosted a holiday party for our friends, featuring a full Christmas dinner spread including a fried turkey, and of course, drinks. The apple and cinnamon vodkas were not ready, unfortunately; they look good, as you will see below, but we're going to wait until New Year's to start trying to use them. In the meantime, however, we began our next experiment: caramel-infused vodka.

This experiment involved 8 cubes of Kraft caramel, and as usual, a fifth of cheap vodka improved by our quintuple-filtration process. Our special guest star Bevin agreed to assist the Mad Scienticians with this experiment.

Bevin and Wayland unwrap caramel cubes into the infusion jar.

"You want me to try the unfiltered vodka for control purposes? You're freakin' kidding me, right?"

The infusion begins. Our friend Amy, whose roomates have created caramel vodka before, says that this infusion only takes four days. It seems that this experiment may be completed even before our initial experiments.

Twelve hours later:

The caramel seems to dissolve fairly quickly, as Amy indicated. It's hard to see the cubes in this photo, but they are very pale (the artificial coloration is the first thing to dissolve) and flaky in appearance.

Let's take a look at our other infusions in progress:

The cinnamon vodka looks awesome, much darker than we expected. We were tempted to call it done, but decided to stick with procedure for now. It smells strongly of cinnamon.

The apple vodka has attained a green color, but the smell of vodka still overwhelms the apple scent. The apple wedges themselves, predictably, are turning brown, and smell unpleasant. We are trusting the alcohol to kill any organisms that result from apple decomposition.

We'll update again in a few days to check on the caramel, and possibly the cinnamon as well. Happy holidays, everyone!

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