Monday, January 1, 2007

The punch that packs a wallop

This post isn't infusion-related, but we feel it is very much of interest to our readers. In the meantime, if you haven't played Name That Vodka yet, there is still time; we will be posting the answers, as well as the results of the experiments, Tuesday evening.

Last night, for New Year's Eve, we threw a party the likes of which could only be achieved by mad scienticians. We tested our latest experiments at this party, but the spotlight was on another concoction entirely: punch. Specifically, a modified version of the punch developed by our friend Arthur, the Vodka God. We have been sworn to secrecy as to the ingredients or methods used, but we can reveal that it was at once highly potent, highly caffeinated, and highly tasty.

But that wasn't enough. To complete the experience, we added a final ingredient: Chemical X. In the following photo, you can see the mixed punch, as I prepare the Chemical X to add to the solution.

As you can see, safety was our utmost concern, due to the dangerous nature of this punch.

With the introduction of the Chemical X, the punch reacted instantly by billowing smoke over the punch bowl. Here, Wayland observes this reaction with the glee of a giddy schoolgirl.

As the smoke reaches the top of the bowl and begins to spill over, the mad scienticians present their creation.

The punch is served.... very, very carefully....

And, of course, the first drink is always to Cronan.

We wanted to take every precaution that when our guests arrived, they would fully understand the peril involved in drinking this punch. To this end, the serving area was well lighted, safety equipment was at the ready, and cautionary signage was posted. First and foremost, a hazardous materials warning was prepared in accordance with NFPA 704.

Other signs were posted to warn of the myriad other dangers.

And finally, we requested an official statement from Acting U.S. Surgeon General R.Adm. Kenneth Moritsugu.

The punch was well received by our guests, and our precautions ensured minimal casualties. This experiment, at least, was an undeniable success.

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Jasra/Lisa said...

How fun! I love the color of the punch.