Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Labeling our creations

We got the color printer working just in time for the punch warnings for New Year's Eve, and have now printed labels for our infused vodkas. We now present to you, the Mad Scientician™ Brand line of vodkas:

As you can see, the paper labels are not very versatile; we put the caramel vodka in the freezer for the party, and when we removed it, the bottle frosted and ran the colors. The labels will be fine in the freezer if we keep them there permanently, but we don't have the space to do this with all of our vodkas. Therefore, most will unfortunately remain unchilled.

Here's a clear image of the labels. We had a bit of fun creating it (recursive vodka bottles!). Those aren't real drinks we're holding, unfortunately; just water, "neon" food coloring, and a bit of Chemical X.

If you'd like, you can also see the cinnamon, apple, and coffee versions of the labels.

We've also switched our house vodka from Smirnoff Blue Label to the non-infused, home-filtered Vladimir which serves as the base of our infusions. We labeled the first bottle tongue-in-cheekly as "Vodka-infused vodka," but will be using this label from now on:


Morgana said...

Does one of those really read Vodka Infused Vodka, or am I seeing things with my failing eyesight?

Brendan said...

Yep -- as I said, that's our baseline, non-infused vodka. From now on, we're going to use the last label shown in the post instead.