Thursday, March 1, 2007

Coconut vodka status update

A few days ago, we tasted the ongoing coconut vodka infusion for the first time. We entered this experiment blindly, not knowing how long it would take, but we suspected that it would be a while. We consider these suspicions confirmed.

As you can see, some of the coconut particulates give the vodka a swirling white appearance, but for the most part the vodka still looks like vodka.

Wayland tried the first sample and was underwhelmed.

"You get a hint of the coconut flavor," he said, "but overall a pretty bland experience right now."

I sampled the vodka next.

I have to concur with Wayland; you can almost taste the coconut, but at this point -- two weeks into the infusion -- it still tastes mostly like vodka. We added a spoonful of sugar, hoping it will help set the infusion, and will continue to sample it periodically.


Anonymous said...

Does sugar really help set an infusion, or is it just to make it taste better? ;)

Brendan said...

I've heard it said both ways. Some swear by adding sugar to make an infusion set, others say it does more harm than good. We added sugar for our first couple of infusions, and haven't really done it since. I don't think it makes a big difference, but with this experiment we'll take all the help we can get.

Anonymous said...

As interesting as this infusion seems, I'm not all that hopeful. Coconut is so dense and fatty that I doubt the vodka will be able to get in there to soak up the flavor. Maybe breaking it up into smaller chunks or crushing it would make things work better?

Anonymous said...

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StrayDog said...

I too am experimenting with coconut infusion. I used mature coconut and made sure to put in the oiliest surface of the meat I could scrape off. It's on its 2nd Month now (started 2nd of June 2011), and it tastes great! I think I'll hold off for longer and wait some more.

Now, the problem with my incremental testing is that my experiment has decreased in volume. I wonder, what if I mix actual coconut water in it? Will it still preserve as if it were a normal infusion? I certainly do not care if the alcohol content decreased a bit - in fact that might be a welcome experience that would increase its drinkability.

Many thanks!