Monday, February 5, 2007

The Mad Scienticians go tropical

Last week was a pretty slow posting week, but we've got a lot in store for you this week. Today, we're presenting our latest experiment, pineapple vodka. Starting tomorrow, we will be posting a three-part guest review by The Ferrett, covering all of our previous experiments. Finally, we will be closing out the week with a couple of new cocktails. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, enjoy our latest infusion, which we began last night. Here, I begin to cut into the pineapple.

At this point it occurred to me that I had never actually sliced a fresh pineapple before, and didn't know if there was a preferred technique. As per Wayland's suggestion, I sliced off the sides with four cuts, leaving a rectangular prism of sweet pineapple goodness.

This may not have been the most efficient method, as some useful fruit was wasted on the side pieces. This didn't matter for the infusion -- we only used about half the pineapple, if that much -- but a true scientician abhors inefficiency, especially with something so tasty.

We sliced up nearly half of the center column into thin chunks and poured the vodka over it. We then added a few more chunks until the jar could hold no more.

Wayland, a former theater major, fulfills his lifelong dream of being Carmen Miranda.

As we learn more and more with each infusion, we are relying less on research to determine our experiment guidelines. As such, we're not quite sure how long this infusion will take, but expect it will be a week at least. We will sample it next weekend and decide whether to continue or not.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like it will be delicious, I can't wait to see the results!