Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Let's hope it doesn't taste like toothpaste: Mint Vodka

This week, the Mad Scienticians are experimenting with a mint-infused vodka. We have also completed the pineapple experiment, and will be posting the results tomorrow.

We could only find fresh mint in one grocery store; unfortunately, it was in a vaguely-labeled package, so we're not sure if it's spearmint or peppermint (we're hoping spearmint). Eventually, we will get into the habit of shopping for low-demand infusion supplies at the farmer's market, instead of taking what we can find at the last minute (promise!)

First, we ate some Girl Scout Thin Mints to ensure we were in the proper minty mindset. Then Wayland began by rinsing six sprigs of mint.

We put the mint and vodka into a jar and let the infusion begin.

This is one of our easiest infusions yet, with the exception of Cinnamon and Pop Rocks. We're going to let it infuse for three or four days before sampling.


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of surprised you guys didn't try a small piece of leaf to figure out whether it was spearmint or peppermint. They usually taste pretty different in raw form.

Either way, you're going to come up with something interesting here.

Hoping the pineapple turned out well!

Jennifer T Cross said...

Post a nice clear picture of one of the leaves. I bet you've got at least one reader who can tell the difference.

Brendan said...

Done. Thanks for the suggestions.

Scott said...

I'd recommend macerating the leaves, like in a mojito, to better allow the oils in the mint to mix into the vodka.