Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What do you call two scienticians?

This week, we are experimenting with pear infused vodka. We've been kicking this idea around for a while, and decided it was time to get moving on it when we learned how behind the times we are: According to Them, pears were the vodka craze of 2007. Yep, and it was even reported in the Washington Post. Well, we're here to test any and all infused vodka theories, not to ride a trend; so now that 2007 has come and gone, we'll go ahead and give this one a try.

Given their structural similarity to the apple, we decided to model this experiment on the methodology we developed for apple vodka. We obtained three pears, with the intention of infusing each one for five days and then replacing it, for a total of fifteen days.

I rinsed the first pair, sliced it into wedges and cut away the core sections. Not all of the pear would fit into a science jar along with a fifth of vodka, so I ate one of the wedges.

We will update on this experiment after its conclusion in two weeks. And for those unfortunate of you who didn't see this coming a mile away, what do you call two scienticians? A pear of docs, of course.


Nicole said...

I"ve been making quince cordials this season. If you can find any, give 'em a try. Terrible raw to eat, they are fantastic in vodka (or baked :).

Dude said...

I've been wanting to try doing a pear, and figured that it would be similar to apple, but wanted to see you guys do it first.

As far as the methodology goes, when did you start leaving the apples in for 5 days. In your big experiment you did 3, and that's what I do when making apples. How do the extra days change the flavor?

Brendan said...

Honestly, we changed from every three days to every five out of laziness more than anything else. We find that the extra two days per apple doesn't detract from the taste; the apple wedges do start changing color by the fifth day, but they don't go sour to the extent they would after a full two weeks.

Lucas said...

You ATE the wedge?!?!

But that ruins your objectivity! And the quantum! Oh, the quantum! You won't know how much you've eaten and where it's gone at the same time! The experiment is ruined! RUINED!

*jumps out window*

Brendan said...

I ate precisely one-eighth of the pear, and it went into my tummy, and ultimately, the City of Raleigh sewage system. Take that, Heisenberg!