Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our new product line: Eau de Scientician

The other day, I got a call from our friend Bevin, for whom we recently developed lavender-vanilla vodka for her birthday. She was pleased with how the two vodkas turned out, though with a twist we never would have thought of ourselves. She concurred with us that the original batch, with the week-long vanilla infusion, tasted the best. She deemed the second batch, which was mostly lavender and not much vanilla, unworthy of drinking, but found another way to make use of it: as a perfume. It would seem that the lavender vodka has just the right level of scent for this purpose; the alcohol either evaporates or is undetectable (we have not tested this process scientifically).

Consider this, ladies: the first women's perfume that came up on a Google search, which happens to be Burberry London, retails for $41 per ounce. Lavender-vanilla vodka, created using our methodology, costs approximately $12 for 750 milliliters, or $0.47 per ounce. By volume, this is a savings of 98.85%, and the supply will last you forever.


Lucas said...

Now if only I can get my fiance to wear Eau De Vodka.

It'd be so hot.

Brendan said...

Especially if she uses Habanero!