Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cocktail Challenge #1, Part 1

A few weeks back I took a poll in the comments here in the blog and on LJ to let you, the readers, decided which two of our infusions should be joined for me to attempt to make a cocktail out of.

Well, I had planned on releasing the results of the cocktail challenge today.

We have one clear winner of what's going to be in the drink for that post:


However, we have a three way tie for the second. They are:

  • Black Tea/Lemon
  • Orange
  • Watermelon

So, once again, I turn to you our audience for help. Which of the above vodkae should be combined with Cinnamon (and whatever else I decide) for me to attempt to make a cocktail out of?

The voting on this will close on Saturday, so make sure to get your comments in quick.


Anonymous said...

I am torn between between orange and watermelon. Orange might be to strong. I vote for watermelon.

GabĂș said...

Black Tea!!!

Unknown said...

I'm kinda torn between tea and orange, cause I think that if chocolate is good with orange, cinnimon might be. But over all, I have to say
Final Answer: Black Tea

Amber Pixie Shehan said...

Ok. If the black tea didn't have lemon, I'd suggest that so you'd go for a chai spice thing.

BUT since there is lemon involved, I say go for the orange! Orange and cinnamon go just FINE together, especially in baked goods. Try it, and then add some sugar or honey syrup. NUM.j

Heather said...

Yeah, I'm thinking orange is the best bet. Sort of like mulled wine mix.

Unknown said...

If I was making it just for me, I'd mix the cinnamon, orange, and black tea, but since I'm not... I say orange.

Scott said...

I just can't pass up some orange spice..

Brendan said...

Which Spice Girl was she?