Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Vanilla-Caramel Vodka, Stage Two

Last week, we began our first dual-stage vodka infusion, vanilla-caramel. We started with a standard vanilla infusion, with the intention of adding caramel after the vanilla bean was removed. It probably would have worked just as well if we added both ingredients at once, but the caramel-clouded vodka would make it more difficult to extract the vanilla bean. The vanilla infused for five days.

Once the bean was removed and discarded, Wayland began adding caramel cubes. Lately, we've been using 12 cubes for caramel vodka, but we decided to go back to our original 8 cubes for this experiment, to prevent the vanilla from being overpowered (as it was in our strawberry-vanilla combination). If we want, we can always add more caramel later.

Wayland, who studies under the Robert D. Raiford school of cooking, samples the caramel to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Last night, when we conducted this stage of the experiment, the vodka had a yellow hue from the vanilla. (Since then, it has become tan and opaque, appearing more like our standard caramel vodka.)

It doesn't take long for the caramel to dissolve, as long as we shake it frequently. This experiment will be ready for sampling this week, along with secondary tests of all the other experiments we have ongoing. (Holy crap, we have a lot ongoing.)

Additionally, today marks the six month anniversary of Infusions of Grandeur. In celebration of this auspicious occasion, our experiment for this week will be our most ambitious to date, and will bring the entire project full circle. Stay tuned!

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Scott said...

Congrats guys! I love reading your reports, and I've successfully replicated a few of your experiments, the height of scientific validation!