Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sweet nectar: honey vodka

Once upon a time, the Mad Scienticians kept a bottle of Bärenjäger among our bar stock at all times. Though it was not used often, it was essential for a few occasionally-made drinks (as well as one ceremonial tradition). Though we have not had Bärenjäger on hand in some time, we decided to bring it back by creating what we hope will be a fair simulation of it: honey vodka.

This experiment is quite simple; like our caramel and a few other vodka, it is not a true infusion, but either a solution or suspension (depending on whether the honey settles). In the absence of research to guide us in proportions, we used approximately 12 ounces of honey.

Wayland squeezed about half of this bottle of honey into a science jar of vodka. This experiment is unique thus far, in that we added the flavor ingredient to the vodka, rather than the other way around.

The honey settled to the bottom of the jar as it poured in.

However, once we sealed the jar and gave it a good shake, it mixed together fairly evenly and seemed to stay that way.

Wayland predicted that the honey would mostly settle out over time, like the caramel. Our friend Amy, who inspired our caramel experiment in the first place, predicted that the settling would be minimal, and that the experiment would be complete very soon. (I reserved judgement.) We will see how it looks in a couple of days.


Heather said...

The next step is maple syrup vodka!

Anonymous said...

Maple syrup and vodka is a Warsaw Waffle. Delicious. And what is this ceremony of which y'all speak?

Brendan said...

Once a year, around November 1, we take a shot of some liquor (usually Bärenjäger) and pour one out for Cronan Thompson, a friend of ours who died ten years ago this month. Not sure why we use Bärenjäger, we just did it one year and it stuck.

leoszilard said...

This article left out the quantity of vodka used. Also there is no follow up to give us the result of the experiment. Disappointing