Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What a beautiful sight

Since we're sure all of our faithful readers are waiting with bated breath to see what our special six month anniversary experiment will be, we have decided to tide you over with this beauty: a photo of every vodka infusion we have in stock or ongoing. What you see here is nineteen bottles of infused vodka (in various states of fullness), as well as four continuing experiments.

And because we're such wonderful people, we've even made large versions of this image into wallpapers for your desktop-viewing pleasure! (Now with correct spelling!)

Wallpaper, 1024x768
Wallpaper, 1280x1024

If you use a lower screen resolution than these, get with the times, folks.

The Big Experiment (not shown, of course) is officially underway, as of an hour ago! We'll debut it Wednesday night, same bat-blog, same bat-feedreader!


Heather said...

...did you mean to say "Granduer" on the wallpapers? Because I find it adds a 'je ne sais quoi'.

Techempage said...


The low rez one has it right, the high rez one doesn't.

I'll get it fixed shortly.

Techempage said...

Actually, it looks like I can't get it corrected from here. I'll have to wait until my partner in crime can fix it.

Brendan said...

Yikes! That's what I get for whipping something up spontaneously after midnight. It's fixed now, thanks.