Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A slice of summer: watermelon vodka

Before we head into this week's experiment, an apology. Last week, for the first time in our five month history, the Mad Scienticians failed to start a new weekly vodka infusion. We are deeply shamed by our failure, and briefly considered seppuku, but that would have prevented us from bringing you this week's refreshing summer infusion: watermelon vodka.

For this experiment, we used about three-eighths of a seedless watermelon. Though seedless watermelons are a lot less fun to eat, the seeds would have introduced an unknown flavor variable to the infusion.

We sliced the watermelon into wedges, each wedge comprising about one eighth of the melon.

We then cut three of these wedges into small chunks, and combined them with the usual fifth of vodka. I did this while showing off my brand new Jennifer Government-style barcode tattoo. (Oddly enough, it features the barcode of a seedless watermelon.)

We don't expect this infusion to take terribly long, so we'll sample it later this week.

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