Monday, May 26, 2008

It is a scientific fact that pears are funny-looking.

As promised, today we are presenting the results of the remaining cliffhanger experiment from before our hiatus: pear infused vodka. This experiment used the same methodology we developed through trial and error for our apple vodka: we sliced a pear into wedges, infused it for five days, then replaced it with a fresh pear, repeating this twice for a total 15-day infusion.

The vodka came out with a deeper, darker color than our apple vodka. "There is definitely a pear-ish flavor to this," Wayland commented. "It's smooth and quite sweet, with no hint of burn. Not quite as much of a pear flavor as I'd like, but I'll call this a success."

My thoughts were similar. "This is very sweet, and has a very pear flavor, though it doesn't quite become distinct until the back end. The sweetness is almost too much, but not quite; it's just on the end of quite tasty. I like it."

Unlike the apple vodka developed in the Big Experiment, we did not use a spoonful of sugar at the onset of this infusion. It appears that this is a good thing, since it drew plenty of sweetness from the pears themselves. It is possible that a bit more time could have given this vodka a more comprehensive pear flavor, but we're pleased with what we came up with.


Anonymous said...

Very nice site, just got here from the ad on Wigu. Was wondering if you guys have tried making a banana vodka, I didn't see one in the experiment page and that's probably my favorite fruit flavor.

Definitely gonna be trying some of these out myself.

Brendan said...

We haven't tried that one yet, though the subject has come up. A friend of ours tried it and it turned out poorly, so we'll have to put a lot of thought into our methodology before attempting it ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about sorting the experiments by how long each one needs to be infused? This might make party planning easier, knowing how long we'd have and what we could have ready by then. Just a thought, I mean eventually I'm gonna read through the entire archive anyways.

Brendan said...

We've been meaning to create a more comprehensive way to present our archives, so that information like that is easier to find. Thanks for reminding me, I will try to put some work into this soon.

Anonymous said...

Is there just no getting around the pears turning brown and mushy within 24 hours? Is that why you are removing them and replacing them? I guess I was going for the pretty infusion jars on the bars of night clubs w/ their sliced fruit looking perfect...Any suggestions for avoiding the brown yuckiness?