Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Neil Gaiman cameo! Also, The Ferrett drinks something weird.

Last year, we mailed a bunch of samples of infused vodkae to our friend, the reknowned blogger and webcomic author The Ferrett, who shared it with some friends and wrote a review for our site. (You can read his original three-part review here, here and here.) Recently, we sent another batch of samples to him in San Diego, where he's attending the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Workshop.

The other day, he sent us a few photos as a sneak preview to his review. The pictures resulted from a ten-dollar bet, in which someone challenged the Ferrett to drink a cup of our garlic, habanero, and black tea & lemon vodka infusions, mixed together. Never one to turn down an easy ten bucks, or even an excruciatingly horrifying ten bucks, Ferrett accepted the challenge.

Here, the Ferrett steels himself for the task. His eyes boggle at this turn of events, but the rest of his face says nothing but determination. (Eagle-eyed viewers may spot Neil Gaiman, who is one of Ferrett's Clarion instructors, in center background.)

Ferrett sniffs at the cocktail of doom. What could be running through his mind at this moment?

Without further ado, he knocks it back.

At first, he reels at the sensation as the mixture rolls down his esophagus...

...Then shock sets in as the sensation spreads through his body to his extremities. The shakiness of this photograph reflects the turbulence of his very soul at this moment.

Shortly enough, however, Ferrett recovers his faculties enough to claim the spoils of triumph. Huzzah!

Ferrett also included a photograph which is unrelated to all of this; in fact, we're not sure if he included it intentionally at all. But it's damn cool, so here it is: a chart drawn up by Scott McCloud, classifying artists on a four-directional spectrum. You can read a more detailed description at Ferrett's post about the run-in.


Jerry said...

Dude. Neil Gaimon? Whoa.

I am still waiting for that stroke of genius that inspires me to write a blog about something specific the way so many of my favorite bloggers have. What you do is always interesting, compelling, and entertaining... and usually informative. It's no wonder you guys have the readership you are building. Keep up the good work!

Sarah said...

Although that particular mix didn't go down well, you should know that Geoff Ryman (Weeks 5 & 6 instructor, writer extraordinaire) spoke in highly complimentary terms of the Peeps-infused vodka.

I do not know if he was joking, nor how much he'd already had to drink when he tried it, but there it is.

Trav Smith said...

You guys dead again? :-(

AaronBSam said...

Can't wait for another post! You guys inspired me to do bacon-infused vodka!

kylecassidy said...

can i arrive nowhere and not find neil gaiman already there?!

Foster said...

I guess after a year of no updates you guys have officially died? Anyway I recently found this blog and read from back to front. I have found a new hobby to pass the time and can't wait to try my own flavors. If you guys do come back I would love to see a timetable type thing of recommended lengths of infusion for certain flavors.

Hope you guys come back sometime soon! I want more flavors and ideas to bounce off of.

Oh i have another question, what's keeping you from filtering the vodka 6 times instead of 5 or 7 even.

Sarah said...

I recently found you guys too and am sad to see no posts since last year, please come back! :o)

Katie said...

Yes, I too just read every single posting and I'm wondering what happened to you guys!

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