Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Infusions of Grandeur on hiatus until late September

It's about time we made our hiatus official, after a month-long void in posting. Infusions of Grandeur is not dead, but we have been reevaluating what we want to do with it. A vodka infusion each week, while fun, is getting to be overly repetitive (and since we've cut back on our drinking, the infusions have outgrown their cabinet). So we're taking a break while we discuss the future of the blog.

We are going to continue in the same spirit (so to speak) as we always have, but we intend to expand our focus. There are many ways that our brand of mad science can be applied to alcoholic beverages, and much we can still learn and, in the process, teach. We will not stop doing vodka infusions, but we won't be starting a new one weekly; rather, we'll rotate between new infusions and other sorts of experiments and analyses.

Our plan is to re-launch Infusions of Grandeur sometime at the end of this month. We would aim for sooner, but I am soon to be offline and out of town for two weeks of National Guard training. In the meantime, we will be planning a variety of new subjects to discuss. Please join us in a few weeks when we return to the laboratory!


Jasra/Lisa said...

It's nice to hear that you're not gone! :D

Anonymous said...

National Guard? Army or Air Force?

Air National Guard is pretty sweet.

nickabouttown said...

I discovered you guys last year when I was looking to have a Vodka Infusion party after Thanksgiving. This year, I am looking to broaden my horizons and try rum and other liquors. So, if that is what you're going to do, I am all for it. :)