Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Black tea and lemon vodka

Unfortunately, we did not have time to bring the Big Experiment to a close last night, so we will not be posting the results until later this week. However, in the meantime, we have a brand new infusion experiment, straight out of the reader suggestion files (thanks Jonathan): black tea and lemon vodka.

For this experiment, we are using the zest of one lemon, and six bags of Lipton Black Pearl tea. Of course, we remained cautious throughout this experiment, in hopes of avoiding the Curse of the Black Pearl.

We began the experiment by zesting a lemon with our patent pending citrus zester, developed right here in the Infusions of Grandeur laboratory.

We dropped the lemon zest into a science jar and grabbed the box of tea bags. As we opened the box, we noticed what was written on the back of the box. It was as if this tea was intended just for us.

Of course, it wasn't meant for us. The process that makes vodka infusions is, of course, essentially the same as the process that makes standard tea. Like water, if we boiled the vodka first, the infusion would occur very quickly, though much of the alcohol would evaporate in the process.

Despite Lipton's fancy-shaped tea bags, we decided that there was no point in using the bags themselves, since we would have to filter out the lemon zest anyway. We cut open six tea bags and dropped the loose leaves into the science jar.

Once this was done, we poured in the vodka and put the jar into a cupboard. This experiment should only take a day, so we might test it and the Big Experiment at the same time.


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Anonymous said...

i gotta try this black tea mix!!